The Best Stratagems in Helldivers 2

The Best Stratagems in Helldivers 2

Ready to kick your game up a notch and become the ultimate force on the battlefield? We’re diving into the world of the best Stratagems in Helldivers 2. These game-changers will make you unstoppable. We’ve got the scoop on the top Stratagems, including their traits, level requirements, and the R (Requestion Points) cost in-game. Let’s gear up for victory!

Orbital High Explosives in Helldivers 2

Trait: Unleashes a devastating orbital strike on enemies. Level Requirement: 1 Cost: 1 R

Ready to bring the sky down on your foes? This explosive Stratagem is perfect for wiping out clusters of enemies. Just be careful – it’s a one-way ticket for anything in its blast radius, including you!

Heavy Airdropped Weapons in Helldivers 2

Trait: Supplies heavy weaponry like machine guns and grenade launchers. Level Requirement: 2 Cost: 2 R

When you need some serious firepower, the Heavy Airdropped Weapons are your go-to in Helldivers 2. From machine guns to grenade launchers, you’ll be dishing out destruction in style. Just watch your ammo and let loose!

Vehicle Deployment

Trait: Calls in an armored vehicle for additional firepower. Level Requirement: 3 Cost: 3 R

Feeling the need for speed and extra firepower? The Vehicle Deployment Stratagem has your back. Call in an armored vehicle to plow through enemies and bring chaos to the battlefield. Buckle up for a wild ride!


Trait: Summons additional Helldivers 2 to join the fight. Level Requirement: 4 Cost: 4 R

Sometimes, you need more boots on the ground. That’s where the Reinforce Stratagem comes in. Call in reinforcements to bolster your squad and overwhelm the enemy. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Static Field Conductors

Trait: Sets up electrical barriers to shock enemies. Level Requirement: 5 Cost: 5 R

Need a shocking strategy? The Static Field Conductors have you covered. Lay down electrical barriers to stun and slow down enemies. It’s like setting up your own electrifying maze – just make sure you don’t get caught in the voltage!

Railcannon Strike

Trait: Fires a powerful railcannon shot to eliminate enemies. Level Requirement: 6 Cost: 6 R

When you want to bring down the thunder, the Railcannon Strike is your weapon of choice in Helldivers 2. This heavy-duty Stratagem delivers a powerful railcannon shot that obliterates anything in its path. Aim carefully and watch the fireworks!

Missile Barrage

Trait: Unleashes a barrage of missiles on enemy positions. Level Requirement: 7 Cost: 7 R

Need to turn the tide of battle in a big way? The Missile Barrage has got your back. Rain down a storm of missiles on enemy positions, creating chaos and giving your COIN33 squad the upper hand. Just make sure your teammates are ready for the explosive display! – KOIN303


There you have it, Helldivers! The best Stratagems to level up your game and dominate the battlefield in Helldivers 2. From explosive orbital strikes to reinforcements and electrifying barriers, these tools will make you an unstoppable force. Experiment with different combinations, find your favorite Stratagems, and let the mayhem begin.