Terizla Powerful Tank Fighter: Skills, Armour, and Combos.

Terizla Powerful Tank Fighter: Skills, Armour, and Combos.

Terizla is a powerful tank fighter who is known as the Executioner of the Land of Dawn. She is introduced in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This guide will show you the best ways to use Terizla to its fullest ability and take control of the battlefield.

Terizla Powerful Tank Fighter: The Powerful Skills of Terizla

Terizla’s passive skill shows how durable he is. He becomes an unbeatable force as his health drops and his damage reduction goes up. To make the most of this, focus on building defensive items that can block enemy attacks and keep your friends safe.

Terizla Powerful Tank Fighter: Revenge Strike is the first skill.

With his hammer, Terizla hits the ground hard, making a crack that hurts enemies and slows them down. The fissure then explodes, dealing extra damage depending on how much HP the enemy lost. To chase or get away, use Revenge Strike carefully, and try to hit an enemy hero first for the most explosion damage. Aim for accuracy by hand, especially when poking.

Terizla Powerful Tank Fighter: Killing Strike is the second skill.

In a fan-shaped area, Terizla swings his hammer up to three times, slowing foes down and doing more damage each time. It is important to level up Execution Strike because it is Terizla’s main tool for damage and farming. Use it to quickly get rid of waves of minions and get an early edge. Watch how much power you use, and move around while casting to give yourself more options. Some actions are the only ones that can stop this skill.

Ultimate – The Penalty Area

Penalty Zone is Terizla’s ultimate move. It involves jumping to a certain spot, causing a lot of damage, and throwing enemies into the air. When Scaffold is called up during the ultimate, it sends out a hook that can pull enemies in and hurt them. You can make the most of this slow-cast ability by hiding in trees or using Flicker to make its range bigger. Use the ability to jump off walls in Penalty Zone to get away quickly.

Getting good at Terizla’s combos

If you want to really win with Terizla, practise these powerful combos:

As an initiator, you can use Revenge Strike to slow down enemies and then Execution Strike to hurt them. Finish with the Penalty Zone to get kills and knock enemies into the air.

Escape Combo: If you trap, use the Penalty Zone to quickly get away by jumping over walls. Add Flicker for an extra treat.

Wave Clear Combo: To quickly get rid of waves of minions in the early game, use Execution Strike to its fullest. Use this to put pressure on your opponent in the next lane.

In conclusion

Terizla’s strength is that he can take a lot of damage, deal a lot of damage, and control the fight. You’ll become a powerful player in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang if you learn his skills and master key combos. Give Terizla the best build, improve his skills, and enjoy win on the NIAGASLOT battlefield!